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Goal: To learn about Mammals
Grade Level: 2-3
Author: JungleWalk

The common features of Mammals:
  • give birth to little ones;
  • babies grow inside the mothers until they are born;
  • have fur or hair on their body;
  • can live on land or in water;
  • they can be active in the day(diurnal) or at night (nocturnal)

The Diverse Group of Mammals

Mammals are a diverse group of animals . They range from the cuddly and cute cats and dogs to the
  • fastest land animal, cheetah - PBS video of cheetah teaching her cubs Video

  • the biggest mammal, the blue whale, even though shaped like a fish as seen in the following video (by In the Wild Productions) is a Mammal and does not lay eggs like fishes, but gives birth to whale calves.Video

  • one of the loudest mammals, the howler monkeys, Listen to a PBS audio tape Audio

  • the tallest animal, Giraffe National Geography Video of mom and calf (Giraffes can grow up to 9 feet in height)Video

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Mammals give birth to babies
Although mammals vary in size, shape, behavior, etc, they all give birth to their babies. Human beings are Mammals too!
Mommy with baby video Mommy with baby video

African Elephant

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