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These lesson plans address various animal related topics for different grade levels to help teachers and students. They have been created using standard school curriculum.

Each lesson plan is accompanied by slide shows with relevant animal photographs, video, and audio clips. Teachers can use these aids along with our main site as classroom tools.

We are working on adding more topics. Please review the ones and use the 'send feedback' link for each section to give your suggestions. Please feel free to suggest any additional topics you may want to see in the future and we will try to develop them.

Do you want to contribute your own lesson plans? Please contact us at
Title Grades Goal Author Feedback
Animal Classification K-2 To be able to understand the main terms and broad categories of animals. JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Verterbrate Classification 2-3 To Learn the different broad categories of Vertebrates, e.g., fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and Mammals. JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Mammals 2-3 To learn about Mammals JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Adaptation 2-4 To learn about common adaptation patterns JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Adaptations of the Beak 2-4 To understand the principles of adaptation using mouth structure of animals as an example. JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Animal Adaption to Environment 3-5 To understand adaptation based on geographic location such as deserts, tundra region, forests, grasslands, and wetlands. JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Life Cycles 3-5 To understand life cycles, with examples of butterflies and frogs JungleWalk Leave Feedback
Endangered Species 4 -5 To learn about different endangered species Leave Feedback

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