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There are 8963 informational link matches for 'Animal'.
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news on tigersfor each month Read More
Short narrative about the Oryx Antelopes Read More
Percheron Horse
Nashville Zoo
According to the site Percherons were an amazing breed of horse used by French Knights in battle Read More
The site gives a brief narrative of Bushbuck, which is a spiral-horned antelope that live Africa Read More
The Wild Ones
Information on Manatee in Spanish Read More
Milky Stork
The Wild Ones
General Information. Its called BLUWOK in Indonesia Read More
White Ibis
The Wild Ones
Ibis family is made up of 33 species. General Information on White Ibis Read More
Maroon Fronted Parrot
The Wild Ones
One of the two parrot species that live in Mexico. General Information Read More
Red-Tailed Amazon Parrot
The Wild Ones
General Information Read More
Spectacled Bear
The Wild Ones
According to this site "this species has excellent eyesight and gets its name from marking around its eyes" . Includes information on range, states, threats to survival etc. Read More
St Lucia Parrot
The Wild Ones
This species is found in the island of St.Lucia. Site includes information on Breeding, lifecycle, reproduction, conservation and habitat Read More
Poison Arrow Frog
The Wild Ones
There are about 170 species of poison arrow frogs! Information on distribution, habitat, breeding, mating behaviors etc. Read More
Angonoka Tortoise
The Wild Ones
Included are lifecycle, threats, conservation, and culture Read More
Rodrigues Fruit Bat
The Wild Ones
Appearance, Range, Biome, Diet, Survival, Conservation etc. Read More
Mexican Free-Tail Bat
The Wild Ones
Find information on echolocation. Tons of additional links Read More
Vampire Bat
The Wild Ones
Find out why it is called a "Vampire" Read More
The Wild Ones
It is believed to bring death in Madagascar! Read More
Black and White Ruffled Lemur
The Wild Ones
There are two ruffed lemur, the black and while ruffed lemur and the red ruffed lemur. Read More
Red Ruffed Lemur
The Wild Ones
Diet, family, reproduction, appearance etc. Read More
Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemur
The Wild Ones
General information on fat-tailed dwarf lemurs, the smallerst of the lemurs. Read More
Black Lion Tamarin
The Wild Ones
Physical Appearance, geographic range, biome, habitat, survival etc. Read More
Golden Lion Tamarin
Antelope Taxon Advisory Group
Information includes range, biome, habitat, threats to survival etc. Read More
Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin
The Wild Ones
Information includes range, biome, habitat, threats to survival etc. Read More
Emperor Tamarin
The Wild Ones
They have a long moustache and hence the name. Info includes habitat, family structure, appearance and diet. Read More
La Plata River Dolphin
The Wild Ones
These are also called franciscana Read More
The Wild Ones
Rudyard Kipling called it the "red dog" in his book "The Jungle Book". Read More
Chacma Baboon
Primate Info Net
Information on range, diet, morphology etc on Chacma Baboon Read More
Carpenter Bee
They construct nest on flower stalks! Includes general information and scientific classification Read More
Honey Bee
Named after their honey hoarding behavior. The site includes genral information Read More
Mason Bee
Also called as solitary bees. General Information Read More
Leafcutting Bee
Includes general information and scientific classification. Name derived from leaf cutting habits to build their nest. Read More
Sweat Bee
They are attracted to human sweat, for its salt. Hence its name Read More
Black-footed Ferret
Nebraska Wildlife
Narrative on habitat, description, management and outlook, etc. "The ferret was held in special regard by Native Americans, who used its pelts on headdresses and in religious ceremonies". Read More
Polar Bear
Profile. Good site for kids. "Polar bears are the biggest carnivores on land! They're twice as big as a tiger". Read More
Giraffe-Necked Antelope
African Wildlife Foundation
Information on the giraffe-necked antelope found in East Africa Read More
Canadian Wildlife Services
"In many ways bats are typical mammals: they are warm-blooded and they give birth to live young and suckle them". Site contains inforjmation on lifehistory, food habits, parasites and disease, distribution, relatives and nesting behavior of Bats. Good site or school kids Read More
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