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  Animal Information

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Big Cats
Site that is dedicating to providing responsible homes for captive bred wid felines Read More
Grizzly Bear
Canadian Wildlife Services
Site contains inforjmation on lifehistory, food habits, parasites and disease, distribution, relatives and nesting behavior of grizzly bears Read More
Canadian Wildlife Services
Site contains inforjmation on lifehistory, food habits, parasites and disease, distribution, relatives and nesting behavior of Caribou Read More
Black Bear
Canadian Wildlife Services
Site contains inforjmation on lifehistory, food habits, relationships to people and cause of death of black bears Read More
Describes the Pronghorn and compares the species with other Antelopes Read More
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
general descriptionl, life history, food habits, movements, hunting and population dynamics. Read More
Woodland Caribou
Alberta's Special Places
status, habitat, size, food, breeding and risk factors Read More
Arctic Studies Center
Comparison of caribou and Reindeer. They are same species Read More
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
Description, evolution and range, caribu life history, statusl, Reindeer (ecological concerns and management) Read More
Center for Bison and Wildlife Health
Montana State University
The primary mission of the center is to serve as a regional center for information exchange and research on all aspects of the biology and management of the American bison Read More
American Bison
Physical description, habitat and range, reproductcion and young, diet, behavior, life span and interesting facts Read More
class group information Read More
Harris Hawk
Southwest Wildlife
Brief Information on different aspects like voice, habits, diet, range, family life etc Read More
Missouri Bison Association
Missouri Bison Association
The Missouri Bison Association is a membership organization dedicated to the preservation, expansion, and promotion of the American Bison. Read More
Montana State University
Articles on Diseases, ecology, nutrition and culture Read More
North American Elk
Canadian Wildlife Services
Site contains inforjmation on appearance, food habits, relationships to people, limits of population of the North American Elk, also called Wapiti Read More
Snowshoe Hare
Canadian Wildlife Services
Site contains inforjmation on adaptions, population fluctuations, movements and activitt, mortality and reproduction of Bush Rabbit, also called Snowshoe Hare Read More
WebCam of horse named Lucky and her foal. Read More
Domestic Cat
Cat Fanciers Association
Find information on cat breeds, cat shows, top winning cats and latest news Read More
African Lion
Lion Research. Org
Site concerning research and projects on lions Read More
The World Owl Trust
Organization that is concerned with protecting endangered owls all over the world. Read More
Tons of information on otters Read More
Asian Elephant
Fast and interesting facts about Asian elephants. Nice site for school kids Read More
Fast and fun facts about Antelopes. Nice site for kids Read More
Beluga Whale
Facts about Belugas or White Whales Read More
Interesting facts about Bongo like " these are the only forest antelopes to form herds" Read More
Bengal Tiger
Interesting facts about Bengal Tigers Read More
Bottlenose Dolphin
Interesting facts about dolphins like "they have been seen jumping as hight as 16 ft from the surface of the water" Read More
Amazon River Dolphin
This specieis is found in the Amazon and Onnoco river and it is considered a vulnerable species Read More
Ross Seal
Brief narration about Ross seals Read More
All kinds of Antelope photos in natural setting, Pictures of Eland, Dik-Dik, Oryx, Topi, Waterbuck etc. Read More
Wildlife Conservation Society
Narrative on Tibetan Antelope. Inclues information on shahtoosh wool and why and how Chiru faces extinction Read More
Tennesse Walking Horse
Nashville Zoo
These horses have a smooth and swift "running walk" which is their most prominent characteristic Read More
Leaf-nosed bat
Nashville Zoo
the site includes information on scientific division of Bats, specific characteristics of leaf-nosed bats, etc. Read More
The site gives a brief narrative on Kudu, a short haired antelope. Read More
includes information on wildebeast which is a large african antelope resembling a buffalo Read More
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