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More About Arachnids ...
The arachnids, Arachnida, are a class of invertebrate animals in the subphylum Chelicerata. Arachnids are named for the mythological figure Arachne. They are chiefly terrestrial arthropods, some 65,000 to 73,000 species including the spiders, scorpions, harvestmen, ticks, and mites. The arachnids are easily distinguished from the insects by the fact that they have eight legs instead of six. The pedipalpi (leg-like mouthparts) of some species has instead been adapted for sensory, prey capture or reproductive functions. In solpugids the palpi are quite leg-like and make solpugids appear to have ten legs. Larval mites have only six legs: they grow their fourth pair when they molt into nymphs.

Arachnids are mostly carnivorous, feeding on the pre-digested body of insects and other small animals. Many are venomous - they secrete poison from specialized glands to kill prey or enemies. Others are parasites, some of which are carriers of disease. Arachnids usually lay eggs, which hatch into immature adults.
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Tarantula picture Scorpion picture Scorpion picture
Tarantula Scorpion Scorpion
Scorpion picture Spider picture Spider picture
Scorpion Spider Spider
Spider picture Spider picture Spider picture
Spider Spider Spider
Giant Hairy Scorpion picture Lynx Spider picture Spider picture
Giant Hairy Scorpion Lynx Spider Spider
Green Lynx Spider picture Horseshoe Crab picture Spider picture
Green Lynx Spider Horseshoe Crab Spider
Wolf Spider picture Orb Spider picture Spider picture
Wolf Spider Orb Spider Spider
Tarnatula picture Deer Tick picture Horseshoe Crab picture
Tarnatula Deer Tick Horseshoe Crab
Spider picture Pseudoscorpion picture Orb Weaver picture
Spider Pseudoscorpion Orb Weaver
Scorpion picture Orb Weaver picture Orb Weaver picture
Scorpion Orb Weaver Orb Weaver
Crab Spider picture Spider picture Spider picture
Crab Spider Spider Spider
Spider picture Spider picture Spider picture
Spider Spider Spider
Crab Spider picture Spider picture Silver Argiope Spider picture
Crab Spider Spider Silver Argiope Spider
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